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How does electrolysis work?
About Electrology - Frequently Asked Questions

Hair grows out of a follicle, which is a natural opening in the skin. There is a clear root sheath encasing the hair in the follicle that produces new hair cells. The electrologist inserts a tiny probe into the follicle beside the hair. It does not puncture the skin; it simply follows the natural opening of the follicle. A small amount of controlled current is then applied producing a quick sensation of heat in the follicle. The heat causes the clear sheath encasing the hair to detach from the follicle wall and to coagulate onto the hair. This allows the electrologist to gently glide the hair and its sheath from the follicle. Once the hair and all of the sheath are removed, the follicle can no longer produce a new hair. After the hairs are permanently removed, the follicle openings are naturally sealed leaving the skin smooth and firm.

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