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About Electrology - Frequently Asked Questions

Since hair grows in cycles, the hair follicle is ever changing in growth stages. The average person (who has not tweezed or waxed) has approximately 60% of their hair in the growing stage, while the remaining 40% are in a resting stage below the surface of the skin. The electrologist begins treating the hairs in the growing stage while waiting for those hairs in the resting stage to surface. Some of the very coarse hairs or distorted hairs may take a subsequent treatment. It averages eight months to one year for every hair to surface and be permanently removed, however most of the work is done in the first three months.

The electrologist usually starts by scheduling weekly treatments of 15-60 minutes. The weekly treatments may vary from three weeks to three months to remove the initial growth. As the resting hairs become active and begin to surface, the treatments are scheduled every two weeks. As fewer and fewer hairs remain, your appointments will gradually decrease to once a month or less, until all of the hairs are permanently removed. The results are certainly worthwhile.

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