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The Electrology Center Celebrates 15 Years of Business
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Memphis Daily News

Peggy Adams, like many women surely have done, experimented with a home self-wax job. She was trying to remove unwanted fine hairs on her upper lip; however, when she pulled off the wax, it took off parts of her skin and she was left with horrible scabs.

“I thought, ‘There’s got to be a better way,’” Adams said. “So I started investigating, and I found out electrology is permanent hair removal.”

HARD AT WORK: Juanita Laney performs electrolysis on patient Anna Stegall’s eyebrows.

Adams’ mother bought her a gift certificate for electrolysis. She was so pleased with the results and interested in electrolysis that she attended the now-closed Tennessee School of Electrology and became a licensed electrologist as well as a certified clinical electrologist.

Adams and her sister, Juanita Laney, opened the Electrology Center of Cordova LLC in 1993 in the Koger Center off Germantown Parkway. The business will celebrate its 15-year anniversary Tuesday.



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